[English Version] Feature Article :  CMWC 2023 Yokohama and Messenger Culture in Japan

Hi guys! Thanks for picking up our paper—Cycle. We’ve been publishing Japanese articles about cycling, picnics, travel, food, and culture since 2008. Our goal is to bring a little more joy to the cycling lifestyle.

This issue, no.58, is special for us and our messenger friends! Every page is filled with unique stories about messengers in Japan. If you can't read Japanese, don't worry. We made a special English language index on this page, including the entire issue no.58 and a part of past articles.

There is also a great interview with Chikappa, the defending CMWC 2022 World Champion. Each article can be read in your native language via the Google Translate link! We hope you enjoy Japan's messenger culture and CMWC 2023 Yokohama!

[Feature Article] Welcome to MessZania! Kids Messenger's Delivery Mission 

[cycle no.58 : Index]

● [Cover Story] Ten-Twentee Yokohama! Uncle Rinne ✕ CMWC 2023 Yokohama
● [Feature Article] Welcome to MessZania! Kids Messenger's Delivery Mission 
● [News 01] Cycle Messenger World Championships 2023 Yokohama
● [Interview] Bunji Sunakawa, Author of the novel Black Box ✕ Shota Nakajima, Chairman of JPBMA
● [Report 01] NagoyaLOCO / text by Izuru Shimazaki, Daisy Messenger
● [Report 02] Messenger's favorite local foods / Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Okinawa
● [Essay] Urban Possibilities and Messengers / text by Gakusen Iwasa
● [Column] Memorial Jersey and Japanese Messenger / talk by Kenichi Yanagawa, Courio-City
● [Column] Thus Spoke Ex Messengers 01 / Now and Then / text by So Kaneko & Asahi & Duncan, BLUE LUG
● [Column] Thus Spoke Ex Messengers 02 / Positively / text by Monjya, Circles
● [World Bicycle News] Seoul, South Korea / text by Eui Ho Kim, Gig Messenger
● [Cycle Style] Sohei Shimazaki, Rider of sfiDARE Crit Japan 
● [Madison's Report] Trip to Critical Mass Miyazaki via Ferry Sunflower
● [Cinema] MSGR-HOLIC vol.2 CMWC TOKYO / text by Rascal 
● [Recommend Items] CMWC 2023 Yokohama official Tshirts / BROOKS ✕ CMWC 2023 Yokohama Saddle

[Past Articles]

text by Osugi (Editor in chief of free paper "cycle" )